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Greetings from Malaysia.

If I have say… 1000 xrp in my XUMM wallet on the 12th of December, and decide to transfer out 500 after the snapshot date, how many spark tokens will I be eligible for?

Greetings @ShamHyder,

Short answer is you will get at-least 1000 spark tokens @ a 1:1 ratio, however there is still some unknows about how many XRP account holders will not receive any spark tokens. For example, all the accounts on Coinbase, which amounts to a value in billions of dollars, are looking like they will not receive any Spark tokens because Coinbase will not support the airdrop.

These types of accounts will have their Spark Token allocation, re-allocated to all self custody XRP holders, likely pushing the ratio to greater than 1:1. It could be 1:5 or even 1:2.

Therefore you will most likely get more than 1 spark for each XRP you have in a self custody XRP account on the 12th december.

You can transfer all your XRP out of your XRP account the following day, but keep in mind the time difference of your location. If you are in Malaysia, I believe you are 7 or 8 hours ahead of GMT, therefore you should wait an extra day before transferring any of your XRP out of your account.

Hope this answers your question.

Greetings TonyB,

Thank you, yes it has answered my question.

Hi there. I’m new around here. I have an additional question. If I am self-custodying my XRP with a Nano S Ledger device, and I’ve set up to claim my Spark tokens, do I have an additional 6 months to claim them?

If I claim them ASAP in the new year, and then continue to accumulate more XRP over the next 6 months, could I claim MORE Spark because of the extra XRP, as long as I do so before the June deadline?

If not, should I hold off on claiming my Spark, and instead spend most of the next 6 months accumulating more XRP, so as to make a one-time claim on more Spark before the June deadline?

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I believe the deadline was Dec 12th and whatever isn’t claimed will be burned

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