Allocation of FLR does correspond to amount of XRP I held at Snapshot

Hi …can anyone advise please on the following.

  • I transferred my xrp from etoro wallet to a Nano S ledger in Jan 2021.
  • In March 2021 I used metamask and set up my etherium app on my Nano S ready for
    the airdrop…and thought I was good to go as everything looked fine at the time.
  • I checked today using xrp scan (and toolkit) and only 3 of my xrp transactions are
    showing with a Spark claim, of 15 or so which have no flare address, equating
    to approx 7% of what I expected from the snapshot and all purchased well before the
    snaphot date.
  • When I click on each individual transaction its showing “not registered” and “set
    message key” …when I try to do this and update it I I still end up with the same

used flaretools scroll down to bottom u will see option to choose is xrptoolkit then follow instructions from there…i dont know u will get in, today was last day to sign in …