Binance account closed. Can't get XRP wallet address used during snapshot

I’ve been trying to get set up for the Spark airdrop because I got into XRP at the end of last year. The story goes, my Binance account was still active, and I had been holding VET for a while. Early in Dec 2020, I decided to move it into XRP. It sat there until my Binance account was getting shut down (US resident) and I had to move everything out. I withdrew my XRP to deposit into Coinbase in April. Still knew nothing of the Spark airdrop. Literally a week ago, I ran across info about it, and have been working to claim my tokens. I’ve been attempting to gain access to the XRP wallet address I had with Binance before it got shut down. I’m seeing my deposit to Coinbase from Binance that took place in April, but I haven’t been able to see the address that originally had my XRP last year. I reached out to Binance and they said my account has been closed and there is nothing that can be done from their end. Does anyone know how I would be able see the wallet address that had my XRP at the time of the snapshot?