BinanceUS FLR airdrop HELP!

I am having a hard time claiming my FLR from BinanaceUS. I did what they asked but it’s still an issue. I am frustrated and pulling my hair out. Please.

hey, you dont have to do anything …airdrop will be drop into ur account… I have friend is with binance us…even he was petrified lol… he finally got response from binance … dont be scared it will be okay !..

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Hello everyone who reliably tells how to get sparks if AirDrop is made in the wallet of Exodus?

you dont have to do anything .spark will drop in exchange… dont know other 4 new airdrops will

Please tell me or correctly I understand you, spark falls on my exodus purse automatically when will the network start?

yes! your sparks will fall into your exodus exchange … you dont have to do anything …theres few more new airdrops as well…think theres like 4 new coins …if u need any answer can go on twitter look for flare finance or flare network…

I am very grateful to you … I have already been looking for in Twitter but at this moment I do not have specific questions about my question and the issue of launching the network as a whole … Thank you again !!!

So just wanted to reassure you regarding binanace. Us… I had the same /similar issue… I had emailed them and per mine and I’m sure many others, they said they will be doing the air drop and sending to your binanace wallet! Hope that helps… Blessings