Can i still receive spark tokens

Hi I’m wondering if I’m still eligible to receive spark tokens I completed my flare registration December 11 2020 around 11:30 p.m. eastern time I missed the snapshot time

Same question. Not sure how I missed it, but I thought we had till 12am.

If I had my XRP on a ledger nano and just created my Flare address today through the XRPtoolkit, can I still claim my Spark tokens within the self-custody 6-month claim deadline?

The snapshot date was only to get the XRP balances from XRP addresses. As long as you had XRP in a compatible wallet or exchange you are still able to claim Spark up until June 11th 2021.

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Is it still possible to change the ETH adress (then the message key) afterwards on XRP toolkit ? Thanks

I assume it would be fine, since you have until 11th of June to claim Spark. However, to be sure, I would direct this question to @FlareNetworks on twitter. If you find out, please post the answer back on this thread to help others.

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Would you know if new York residents that had there xrps on Coinbase during the snapshot
Have any chance of the airdrop? Like if we changed residents or something else?