Claim spark february- self custody- not eligible


I claim my spark yesterday via self custody

I use my metamask eth address then xrp toolkit d’cent hardware wallet which is also supported in the claims

I managed to put the address on message key and saved it in the ledger successfully

The problem is when im checking xrpscan bithomp or
It says i claim FLR : 0,

And at the bottom of the transaction
Its says that its not eligible to claim.

My next question
After the message key was set up and activated to the self custody dcent wallet
Can i transfer out my xrp to other exchanges?
Because it already have transaction history and messagekey that i claim the spark with the xrp i have

But im now planning to move my xrp to other exchangges will it affects my airdrop?


Hi @Meynard -

The only thing I can think of is that you didn’t have any XRP in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. The snapshot was last year.

For all three sites to say that FLR claim is zero, I would say this is the reason.

As far as moving your XRP out of the wallet, that’s fine as long as it was in there during the snapshot.

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Idont have my xrp during snapshot, i did not participate in snapshot but can i still claim flr thanks

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