Claim Spark's token in the safest way? change the message key? XRP HOLDERS

Hello everybody, i was reading the Flare Website (Billeteras) , i have some doubts about the Airdrop for Xrp Holders.
i understand that you have 2 types of wallets, one type just for claim you Sparks (exodus , ledger, etc ) and the other type: you can claim and hold your spark tokens (metamask ,etc). I have already did my claim with a ledger wallet (and ETH adress on the ledger device). (i did the process with the xrp toolkit),
1.- Does anyone knows how it is gonna be the procces of receiving the Spark if i claim them with a ledger device?
2.-In the claiming process is it better to use a wallet where you can hold the Spark tokens too? (like Metamask) . in that case, is it safe to change the message key on the xrptoolkit?, or it maybe risky?

Thank you for reading, greetings!