Coinbase now Ledger Nano X

Hi everyone pretty new here, but I already love the community. I bought my XRP coins originally on Coinbase, and currently have them on Ledger Nano X. I went on and put in my XRP wallet address and it says my spark claim is 149,323. Does that mean I will get 149k spark tokens all together total?

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Sure does, congratulations.

Did you get the green tick on all the other fields, e.g Message Key? As long as you have a valid ETH address set in the Message Key, then you will receive the Spark to that address. If you haven’t got a MessageKey setup yet, you can do that via XRP Toolkit.

Do I have to put my ETH adress in and message key?? I held my xrp in coinbase for the snapshot do I do anything r will coinbase do it all for me?

That address belongs to Coinbase, they will handle the distribution to all their users with xrp balance at snapshot date. This address you checked is just for receiving funds I think, then that will go into cold wallet at coinbase most likely.