Coinbase NY Account

Hi All,

I have a quick question that I’m hoping there is a simple and positive answer to. I held my XRP on Coinbase for the snapshot of the Spark Tokens back in December but since I set up my Coinbase Account as an NY address it appears that they are not claiming the tokens for me when I checked it on the website - it says SPARK NOT CLAIMED - XRP ACCOUNT NOT LINKED. It shows that the account is eligible to claim the Spark Tokens, but since there is no message key added to my account, I therefore do not have a Flare address.

I set up a up a Metamask wallet and tried to link it through the XRP toolkit website but this appears to only work for hardware wallets. I’m wondering if there is a manual way to connect the Coinbase account to the Metamask account that can generate the Flare address or message key thing. To be honest I’m not overly knowledgeable about this and any help would be much appreciated. I don’t want to miss out out the Spark Tokens but I don’t have much faith in Coinbase as they don’t seem to reply to any emails.

The Coinbase account is just a standard account and not a Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Pro or any other account.

they say you cant be eligible since u had store xrp in coinbase …its coinbase will send u spark tokens in your wallet… flare tool will not recognize your xrp because its for hardwallet like ledger ,trezor … you dont have to do anything sit tight wait for coinbase airdrop sparks in your wallets…

Hi dan0206
The drop happened when my tokens were on coinbase as well. I was trying to set it up so the drop would happen in my ledgers, and I got the same error message.
If I understand you correctly you are saying is because my tokens were on the exchange at the time of the drop then this will be where my tokens will be dropped?