Flare address not registered and can't set message key on xrptoolkit

i went to check in flare.tools and found " Spark not claimed - XRP Account not linked " .
I’m not sure if I got this Spark token too. But there’s a message below that I’m right.
This XRP account is eligible to claim spark, however it does not have a valid Flare Address. You have until 11th of June to setup your MessageKey. See How to claim your Spark Tokens and enable your account, then come back to verify that it’s linked properly. And it needs Message key, flare address which I don’t know how to do. i try add message key on xrptoolkit but alert You have only added an address and can only view your account. Connect a supported wallet to sign transactions.

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I’m having the same problem and don’t know what to do. It’s so frustrating. But if I go to bithomp it says my Flare address is created.

Here is a guide what to do.