Flare Networks Official Claim Spark Guide

Flare Networks has released a visual guide to claiming Spark.

  • Snapshot date: 12 Dec 2020
    This date fixes all the balances to the XRP account
  • Self Custody Claim Deadline: 11th June 2021
    This is the deadline by which self custody XRP holders can claim the Spark token. You have until this date to setup your XRP account with the MessageKey
  • Distribution Date:
    Expected Q1-Q2 2021.

Hi, Just want to clarify. The first distribution date isn’t set yet. Is that right?

No, not a precise date, but it is expected Q1-Q2 2021. When Flare launches mainnet, each account that has claimed spark will receive 15% of what they are eligible for. The remainder will be 25 to 34 months after. So it’s going to be a fairly long wait to get the spark tokens.

Got it, thanks for your reply.