Flare / Spark Question

I pray to the old and new gods that I get a response to this. I use Exodus wallet and I have a mac. I did the XRP snapshot. Using the Flare toolkit I see the message key, flare address and its saying that I am all set. Where exactly will the flare tokens “LAND” ? I see a guide for xumm and ledger nano users. I don’t use them. Where is the Flare wallet for these Spark tokens to land in ?

flr will go to your exodus wallet

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your response, but Exodus say they have not confirmed that they will accept Spark token.

have you read this …its from exodus

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Yes i read it the last step is to view the Flare private keys. Are the private keys the actual flare and where do i put these private keys ? Do you understand my confusion ?


did you read second articles say u need to register bfor 12th tomorrow

Yes I have read it. I think i have registered. I have followed the steps i can see the flare / spark private keys. my question starts at that exact point what am i to do with these private keys to accept the Spark air drop ?