Flares sparks token for ny residents

So it turns out for the snap shot I left xrps in my Coinbase account on accident thinking that the snap shot was on Saturday the 12 Th at midnight I messed up ! So my hope is that Coinbase included me in the snapshot and ny residents can claim there sparks tokens ?
Dose any one know if ny residents will receive sparks tokens if they had there xrps on Coinbase’s exchange ?

I don’t know why Coinbase is doing this in NY. Bitstamp was letting NY residents. I would harass the crap out of Coinbase customer service with emails and speaking with someone about getting an explanation to why Coinbase is not allowing ny residents but Bitstamp is??

Call NYS Financial services or email a message to the right digital asset division.

There’s not much more you can do than that. At least get an explanation. Maybe find out of Coinbase uses a different custodial wallet for XRP residents in NY…that would at least let you know if Coinbase is going to receive Spark for NY residents or not. I think Coinbase has 5 or 6 XRP wallets. Used for different purposes in their ecosystem but all hold customers XRP. One might be cold storage. One might be for app one for pro. One for institutional otc. I am just offering examples of why they have different wallets.

If they use same XRP wallets for NY residents then you know they are getting Spark for your XRP held on their exchange. If it was in a unique wallet just for NY residents then they might have excluded that when signing on to participate in airdrop with Flare Limited Team.

Great article! I’m one of those people that got screwed crazy thing is Coinbase never got back to me I tried so many times!