FLR from Bitbay - need help

I’ve got an account on BitBay.net which i kept XRP for snapshot (December 12, 2020 between december 11.2020) for this moment I’d like to close my BitBay account because it is not good company. My question is - flare network send me my Flare FLR 1:1 to xrp on my private cold wallet automatically? Even I’ll close my Bitbay account after I made step by step to up to date my cold wallet but I dont know how to connect my Bitbay account to cold wallet to close it, and be sure to will give my Flare spark tokens.
How can I connect my cold wallet to the BitBay exchange to keep FLR tokens?
What is the amount of xrp required after December 11-12 that you must have on your wallet before June 2021? They say “balance” and then “again” - that is, what was in December, or enough for the fee?
Thank you for help.

No… the airdrop will be distributed to your Bitbay account, and that will be 15% initially, then the rest of your Flare Spark will be distributed over the months, therefore you need to keep your account with Bitbay for up to 3 years after airdrop started. However you can always send out your funds as soon as you receive them, to your own addresses / wallets of course.
As to your other question, for the snapshot it only mattered what your balance was at the first closed ledger on December 12. (Closed on: Dec 12, 2020, 12:00:00 AM GMT) After snapshot was taken, you can move your funds or sell them, as you like.