How to check xrpscan

I claimed my spark from nano ledger
Having problems checking status on xrpscan & bithomp.
Any suggestions

No one answers here mate u ask shit and people blank u, I’ve been trying to figure out how to claim my spark, I used coinbase for the snapshot and when I check my xrp address with toolkit says I can claim X amount but need flare address n key, I just want to know if I have to do this are do coinbase claim it for me and drop it? Any info mate?

What screen shot is that from? It doesn’t look like xrpscan or bithomp

have you tried this ??.. this is where check status thru ledger nano…if u have in exchange then flaretools wont work with status …okay

from what i can find you do not have to do anything if your xrp was on coinbase and other exchanges. I did the Message Key thing anyway just to be sure but kept getting a pop-up window. Then a message ‘congratulating’ me on claiming my spark tokens.I hope it worked but then again I had it on the exchange. When I do to see my status I get an error message saying spark not claimed-xrp account not linked and then at the bottom it says, my account is eligible for spark tones but I need a message key. Crazy!!

looks like

You don’t need to do anything, if you had XRP on Coinbase. You can relax :slight_smile: