How to make your Spark Claim from your XRP account

In order to claim your Spark Tokens, you must self custody your XRP (unless on a supported exchange) and sign the MessageKey with an ETH compatible flare address.

An ETH compatible Flare address can be generated by creating an ETH address through MyEtherWallet.

A snapshot will be taken of the XRP ledger at 00:00 GMT on 12th December 2020, however you have 6 months from the snapshot date to setup your XRP MessageKey and you will still be eligible to receive the Spark Tokens once set.

For ledger users, you can sign your MessageKey using XRPToolkit.

The message key format must be in the form of:
02 + 24 zeros + the ETH compatible address (which should be UPPERCASE with the 0x removed).

Example ETH compatible address:

Should form MessageKey:

If your XRP was on a supported exchange, you don’t need to setup a message key, the exchange will do it for you. Please also note that none of the tools to show your FLR claim will work because they are built only for self custody XRP hodlers.

Full instructions can be found here:

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Good article here that explains it:

I didn’t use MyEtherWallet, just used an ETH address from my ledger, will that work?

Yes - that will work.

I did the same, just the ETH account on my ledger. However, my flareaddress points to the ETHSCAN page and also listing my ChainLink token which are ECR20. Is that an issue? Thx :slight_smile:

hi how do i get to see where my spark tokens are as they are not on my umm wallet

Spark hasn’t been distributed yet. Refer to the answer from @pragmatic_dev found on this thread for more info.

if i had my xrp in my binance and when i check in FLARE TOOLS i see " Spark not claimed - XRP Account not linked". will i still get it?

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I think I am correct in saying that Binance will not work with Flare Tools, Flare Tools only works with private custody wallets, not exchanges.

Hello - i snapshotted through binance and coinbase do i need to do anything because on its saying eligible but need to register flare address before June?

Many thnks

I have successfully done all steps with my ledger
Even on i can see message you are all set as i enter my xrp address

Now what to do how i will get flare tokens ?

Hi A.J, just been on to Flare tools to check I had set up my claim properly, and when I enter my XRP address, all I get is a red dot with a ! in the middle of it. I’ve queried this before, but I’m really concerned that if the 6 month claim deadline passes, then Flare goes live and I don’t recieve the tokens, I won’t have any comeback. Is there anyone who can confirm categorically that I either do or don’t have an issue with the setup of my flare claim please?
Thanks, J.

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Just going to update this. It appears that if I use chrome, I get the error message, but when using Microsoft edge, I get the correct confirmation screen saying I’m all set. Is that a recognised issue?
Thanks in advance.

In the supporting instructions it says:
“If your XRP is held at a supporting exchange they will handle the claim process and distribution for you.”
Can I assume Coinbase will handle everything? I don’t need to create messagekey myself?


I’ve asked same thing mate will coinbase handle it all hard to get answers and no one seems to reply in this place with any helpful info. Let me no if u hear out mate

Yes, coinbase will handle the airdrop when it happens. You don’t need to do anything.


So even if the result states that ‘’ Spark is not claimed - XRP Account is not linked", my coinbase account is still eligible to claim spark automatically once it becomes available?

No need to do anything at all(extra wallets, metamasks, etc) and Coinbase will take care of it automaticaly?

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You probably checked the exchange’s hot wallet for deposits, if the exchange was participating then they will claim the Flare Sparks for all users and distribute/split according to their share.


Hello! If my XRP where on on 12 Dec…what must I do? I must claim them? Please … I need an answer!!:pensive:

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Please help walk me through on how to create a eth wallet to claim my spark token please…

Please advise…