I am not allowed to update the message key

Hello everyone! In order to claim my spark tokens, I entered my account adress from MetaMask and afterwards I entered in the right place at the message key. I pressed Update and I had the following message: None of your added accounts can sign this transaction. Have you been in this situation? What should I do? Thank you!

Im having the same issue. Has anyone figured this out? Im using the metamask Eth main net

Me too? Has anyone been told how to get them. Thanks

Me too; "none of your added accounts can sign this transaction"keeps popping up. Xrpscan I believe was showing : Spark not claimed ; xrp account not linked.
Can anybody tell me how to link my account???

What tool were you using to update the XRPL Messagekey ?

xrp toolkit and ledger live; I’m not sure what tools you’re referring to.

Try contacting XRPToolkit? They are very responsive on twitter. Please share the answer here.

Hi A.J. I think my main problem is not being able to connect to my Ledger Nano with the xrp toolkit; can you give me some advice?
Thank You