I made everything collect bit did not receive ant FRL

i had 505 xrp stored in Ledger Nano s before the snapshot
But after a while, i transferred all my xrp to another account and this was after the snapshot
i remained with the 20.2 xrp and which is for account safety

by using xrptoolkit i was able to activate my account for frl and it also showed
but i saw that most people got the Frl but checking i have for nothing

Flare address: 0x0617C…1FFED4C

Spark claim: FLR 537.18

Activated: 2019-02-02, 12:54

Activated by: r4eEbLK…GLdqT4a

Activated with: XRP 78.89

Reserve: XRP 25.00

Next sequence: 4

i need your help
bandicam 2021-06-11 05-55-08-969