I need to setup my XRP account to claim spark directly on my account

I need to connect my XRP account to Spark airdrop ETH wallet.

Untill now no succes,

this is my address: rMV96mFBxW6srWxFRGHHE3kPMjRM1feME6

Hopefully someone will help me out, I only own a private key but can’t us it on any exchange to login this account need help before 06/11/2021


first follow instruction on xrptoolkit.com…this only for hardwallets ledger ,trezor ect…also you must have etherium in same hardwallet with xrp…used this etherium for xrptoolkits…then to find out you have succeed used flaretools.com…good luck !

Try to import that on XUMM wallet (https://xumm.app/) then use https://www.xrptoolkit.com/ to connect with your XUMM wallet.
Just make sure if you can successfully import your XRP, onto XUMM, that you have full access.