Lost Claiming Flare -coinbase//ledger

At the snapshot time I had all my xrp in coinbase, When i go to Flare.tools to check the status it has my xrp address listed and shows the balance at the time of the snap shot but it says “spark not claimed - XRP account not linked” I do have a ledger with a ETH account, could i link my ledger account with my coinbase xrp account? if not how can i still claim?

HI Irvv, if you read through the forum you’ll see this question has been asked many times. Exchanges have their own claim process. Flare.tools only works on self custody wallets.

ohh got it, thank you for the input

I’ve looked everywhere and struggling to get an answer , I had my xrp on coinbase I’ve checked my xrp address and can see I can claim 149k tokens but it says xrp address not linked I have till June 11th to claim them how do I do this?? Are do I have to wait for coinbase to get them for me n drop me them? Any help guys please