Made up flare address-unable to access SGB Airdrop

HI. First time on any discussion group so please excuse my ignorance. I have two ledger nano S devices, both with XRP on them. I did the Spark claim and changed the message key on one of them to reflect back to the other account. I have found the songbird tokens on this account through metamask but not on the changed account. I got onto XRPScan and found both the Spark and Songbird claims for both accounts and discovered that when I changed the Message key to redirect the airdrop I put a wrong address in. I have traced that address on songbird explorer and the tokens are showing up. When i try to claim on metamask they do not show up as there was never a proper account [flare address] set up. As it is too late to change message key is there any way to retrieve these tokens. I realise i have lost this airdrop but i still live in hope. Any help will be much appreciated as there is many $$ at stake. Thanks - Richard