My problem with the flare air drop


A long time ago I have bought xrp on the coinbase exchange.
I have put in the xrp addres and 2 problems show up.
1.message key not found
2.flare addres not found

Here is the screenshot … Screenshot by Lightshot

Can you help me guys to resolve this problem what do i need to do ?

Mine is the same exact amount… weird

If you had it on an Exchange, they will claim and distribute the token for you. You probably checked the exchange’s receive address wallet. You don’t need to do anything if the exchange was participating in snapshot + airdrop (soon).

Mines same bro :rofl: but I loved into my coinbase account and copied my xrp wallet address so is this my address are coinbases ? And whoz claiming these for me coz I have till the 11th June to claim them and it’s alot of money to miss out on any help bro

The exchange will distribute the token to you (if you had them there at snapshot time), but it is a long process, or slow distribution method. You will get 15% initially and then monthly a small percentage. Coinbase will handle that for you, but if they do not list FLR on their exchange, you should withdraw to another place, exchange or wallet.