New York Coinbase and xumm user snapshot

Ok not sure if anyone else is in the same situation as I ! Ok so I live in New York
And found out very late thru a freind with out notice from Coinbase that New York residents only with xrps in Coinbase Do not qualify for the snapshot,so I established a xumm
Account and On Friday night the 11 Th of dec at 9pm
I transferred my xrps from Coinbase to xumm
Thinking I’m good with the snapshot !
Unfortunately I missed it by two (2) hours
So technically my xrps were still in my Coinbase account !!so Does anyone have any suggestions to how I can claim my sparks tokens??

There’s going to be Litecoin and now a Doge airdrop by the looks of things. Convert all your XRP to Litecoin, then Doge before the snapshots are taken.

I was thinking something like that unfortunately
New York residents can’t do much With there xrps !! What exchange can I use ?i may have to change my residence?

That sounds good I don’t even think I could convert my xrps ? Hey do you think if I changed my residency before the air drop
Coinbase would issue New Yorkers there sparks ? When I checked xrp scan with my Coinbase account # a large pool of xrps shows up that tells me I was included