Self Custody on Coinbase Wallet

I’ve stored some XRP in a Coinbase Wallet of which I have the seed phrases. Flaretools recognizes the address with the correct balance of XRP. Is it possible to add a message key to the address in a way that would register a Flare Address?

If you haven’t already, I would read through the link below so you’re familiar with the process. Then use the tool linked to in the same article at Many have gone that route.

Since you have your seed phrase, your best bet is probably to use the XUMM wallet application. You’ll see more mention of it as you walk through the process. XUMM is specific to XRP, but you can import your same seed you’re using in the Coinbase Wallet to it. I mention XUMM because it’s natively supported by the tool and process at The part where you have to sign a transaction to set the Message Key on your XRP account is the tricky part, and XUMM is one wallet the tool has integrated with.

Be careful as you walk through it, and make sure you trust the sites you’re on when signing that transaction with XUMM.

Thanks pragmatic!

I ended up going down a similar road yesterday and instead of using Xumm I had and extra Ledger S so I claimed Spark through XRP Toolbox. Thanks for your help!

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