Spark token airdrop -

Hi ,
I just realised that I am eligible for some spark tokens which I held on back in December,
checking my xrp wallet address on it says :
This XRP account is eligible to claim spark,
Does this mean binance will transfer the spark tokens to me?
I did move my xrp to an external wallet, and the xrp tokens are no longer on Binance
would I need to manually claim the tokens? Thanks in advance, I am in the UK, bought my xrp on binance dot com

If you still have a XRP wallet on then you will get them there.
Binance.US delisted them and removed the wallets. They now own all the XRP wallets that were able to claim spark tokens. I got an email from and I had to provide them a flare address to claim the tokens. So, the exchanges knew the lawsuit was coming and supported the airdrop anyways because now they will get to keep the unclaimed spark tokens. I checked my old wallet address and its able to claim 125K tokens!.