Spark Token Airdrop

Hi,I had my XRP on Binance for the snapshot. I am trying to check my claim for spark token with my XRP address on the, But the amount of XRP showing is not correct. What could be the problem?

It is NOT going to show up because you held your XRP on an exchange, it was in Binance custodial wallet with all the other XRP held on binance from users the day of snapshot. You will receive your Spark from Binance. They will distribute it to you. Don’t worry about trying to check Bc there’s NO way to check anything if you held on an exchange. That’s there wallet for all users. Not your wallet. Only those who held XRP in a no -custodial wallet will be able to look up their claim for Spark.
Hopefully that helps


Hi MrFreshTime,I really appreciate your help. I was really stressed out, since I know how big this is going to be.

Thank You

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Binance emailed me and I had to provide them with a flare wallet address. If you do not do this you will not get the airdrop. They will keep them. So, you should be looking for the email they sent you.