Suggestion: A link to FlareScan on

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a suggestion. Once you have created a Flare address, and properly set the message key in your various XRP wallets, it would be nice if there was one platform where you
could type in your Flare address, and see your total FLR allotment.

I tried Etherscan, but it does not work.
It would be helpful if there were a tab on that would allow you to do this.

Just a suggestion.

Kind regards,

Twitter: @JetPayXRP

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Sorry guys.

I just found FlareScan
I did not know about this site when I started the thread.
So if anything, I would like to recommend that there be a link to it on


Twitter: @JetPayXRP

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your suggestion. has been updated to show the XRP balance at the snapshot time, and the Spark (FLR) allocation.

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