XRP Flaredrop from Coinbase and Binance....Do i need to create Flare account message key?

Hi there,

Having checked my airdrop balances from Coinbase and Binance on flare.tools its saying i have until june to register flare account (no valid Flare address and message key not found)…Is this the case if the screenshot was from Coinbase/Binance - PLEASE HELP with any advice on what ill need to do before june if anything

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flare.tools shouldn’t be used with exchanges. Only personal custody wallets. The exchanges should just distribute the FLR to you.

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flare.tools are for hard wallets. nano, trezor etc… if airdrop thru coinbase and binance…then you need to sit and wait for it thru exchange … best of luck !

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I have same issue it’s says I have untill 11th June to claim them but how do I claim them?? I had my xrp in coinbase so what happens s after 11th June dose coinbase claim these for us and drop them to us? Am confused it’s a hell of alot of money to kiss out on for me it’s 300k I need to know what to do .any help please thanks guys

so many people worried lol…if you have xrp in coinbase then coinbase will airdrop for you …if you have in hardwallets …nano ledger or trezor then do following steps thru flaretools…okay goodluck !