XRP on Ledger S & X on same Ledger Live Account

I followed the instruction to claim sparks for my ledger. I had split my xrp into Ledger nano s and Ledger nano x. I registered the xrp nano s successfully but then was trying to register arp nano x but had issue because it seems that it is only recognizing one setup.

I have a larger xrp holding on the ledger nano x.

How am I able to register both.

Please advise since I do not want to miss the deadline.

Thank you.

I’m not sure your meaning of one setup? Did you create separate XRP addresses on the Ledger S and X ? Or did you use the same mnemonic for both devices?

If you used same mnemonic, then they are both mirrors of each other, if not, you have two different XRP addresses, and you should setup two different ETH addresses for the claim. Don’t use the same ETH address in the MessageKey for both XRP addresses. That could end up being weird.

Hi! Thank you for your response.

I set up 2 separate xrp, one on nano s (smaller amount) and one on nanox (larger amount) with one ledger live in PC.

The nano s was successful but the nano x was not allowing me to setup a different address. It seems to retain the info of the nano s.

I will have to review again as it has been a while.

I was thinking, maybe I can move the nano s xrp and try to do the process on the nano x.

Did you mean I should have 2 eth, one for nano s and other one for nanox.

Your thoughts - Thank you so much!