Xumm wallet snap shot

Not sure if this happened to any one else im a ny resident That used Coinbase ,ny residents only couldn’t participate in sparks token air drop ! so I created a xumm wallet used the tool kit weeks before the air drop at the time I only had let’s say 40 xrp , then two days before the air drop I moved all my xrp s from Coinbase to my xumm Account for the snap shot let’s say 100,000xrp and I kept it there for two days after snap shot thinking all when we’ll ! Today I was able to see the amount registered and only 40 xrps were recorded? I am freaking out ! Is there some one that can help ?

have you check in flaretools…add in your XRP address …

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Can you see the transaction history in Xumm? If you did the transfer to Xumm before the snapshot, left it there and moved it after it will all be recorded on the ledger and in Xumm txn history. You didn’t need to set-up the message key and link eth address before the snapshot to still be eligible to claim so that would not be the cause for the balance not showing correctly. The snapshot date was only for the xrp balance. Check on flare.tools for the balance and if it doesn’t match Xumm txn history then might need to contact Xumm support.

So I can see all transactions they all look correct that’s a good thing ! I just need to know how to make sure flare acknowledges the correct amount I have all the proof that’s needed thank god !! I tried reaching out to xumm no response? Is there a contact or email address from some one from xumm that can help ?