Xumm wallet/tool kit

once you establish a xumm wallet and use the tool kit to claim the sparks token
lets say at the time you only had 20 xrp in your xumm wallet,and before the air drop
you load up your wallet with 1000 xrps will flare network acknowledge that?or do you need to
go thru the whole process agian with the tool kit if you are adding more xrps to your wallet?

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You only need to setup XUMM wallet once. Then you must transfer XRP to that wallet address before the snapshot date. The snapshot date is at 00:00 12th December 2020 (GMT) and the amount of XRP you have in your XUMM wallet at that time will be the amount of Spark tokens you’re able to claim.

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Airdrop and snapshot are two different things, you need XRP in your account for the snapshot date, it doesn’t matter if you have the XRP message key set or not on this date. You have 6 months to set the XRP Account message key from the date of the snapshot.

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so how do i see my spark token as it its not in my umm wallet and i did have xrp in the wallet at the time of the snapshot
please assist me thank you

Hey I need help to create master key … thanks in advance